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  All plans come with access to all of our Premium Templates and require absolutely NO HTML knowledge and it will PAY FOR ITSELF after just one ad...Our software will help you you look professional on your auction site, your sales will increase and you will save time with our seller features (template options)! 

Our software is as easy as filling out a basic internet form (Try the Free Template Builder) pick the number of photos you need per ad (unlimited number of ads during your subscription), and how long you need our service for below. All of our template builder plans come with FREE FTP Services (no additional bandwidth) 

15 Photos / ad

30 Photos / ad

60 Photos / ad

  • 5 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 500 MB Disk Space
  • 1000 Saved Templates
  • Font Tools - [ ? ]
  • Advanced Img Loader - [ ? ]

Choose Your Plan:

 $25 - 1 Year - $2.08 / month

 $16 - 6 Months

 $3 - 1 Month

  • 10 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 1500 MB Disk Space
  • 2500 Saved Templates
  • Font Tools - [ ? ]
  • Advanced Img Loader - [ ? ]

Choose Your Plan:

 $42 - 1 Year - BEST DEAL

 $25 - 6 Months

 $5 - 1 Month

  • 20 GB Monthly Bandwidth
  • 3000 MB Disk Space
  • 5000 Saved Templates
  • Font Tools - [ ? ]
  • Advanced Img Loader - [ ? ]

Choose Your Plan:

 $64 - 1 Year - BEST DEAL

 $40 - 6 Months

 $7 - 1 Month

All Prices USD - additional plans available. Contact Us for a quote.

Example Templates: [17] [18] [20] [24] [33] [100] [106]

What else do you get with our premium service?

  1. check image Unlimited number of templates/ad per month during your subscription on all plans!!!.
  2. check image Up to 60 photos per eBay ad (that is a savings of $9 per ad just on photos) - more photos available
  3. check image Supersize all 60 photos (that is a savings of $.75 per ad) and protect your images with an uploaded watermark
  4. check image Use of our advanced Font Tools - View Example
  5. check image Add a watermark to your photos to increase security. This can either be our watermark logo or one you upload (should be transparent but does not have to be). We will even create one for you for a nominal fee. Contact Us for more details. (NEW)
  6. check image Your customers can easily click through your photos with our Advanced Image Viewer - View Example
  7. check image ALL of your images shown in the Advanced Image Viewer have theft protection code included to keep your photos as safe as possible
  8. check image Save time and upload up to 3 images at one time! (NEW)
  9. check image Upload images are resized to 900px wide/high if larger (compared to the 500px wide/high on the free image uploader gives) (recently increased)
  10. check image Easily add your embed code that you get from . Just copy from YouTube, paste into a text box designed to accept this code and click "Add".  You're done!!
  11. check image Add a Business Name or your Business Logo that will display on your templates
  12. check image Create copies of existing items from the control panel with the "CC" button. This saves you time when selling similar items with minimal changes.
  13. check image Add a Skype Chat link skype chat image that will give your customer the ability to chat live with you - both parties must have Skype Chat
  14. check image Have an Email Icon , Phone # Icon with a number and even an Icon that opens up to Google Maps (US Addresses only at this time) show up on every template you create
  15. check image Significantly lower number of the ads are removed from the actual Template Builder Software
  16. check image Add titles AND descriptions to your photos!
  17. check image Access to all of our professional templates!
  18. check image Add a personal/business website link to your eBay templates (or just a link to your eBay page/store)
  19. check image You get use of a 'Save As' and 'CC' buttons where you can create a copy of all the text, photos, and design of a template into a new template without duplicating the photos or disk space (if you sell items that are similar this will save you a bunch of time; if you delete the photos and upload new ones, your Disk Space would increase by the size of the new photos)
  20. check image Use your own HTML!
  21. check image Add a personal message that will always appear when you create a new ad
  22. check image Add Payment Instructions that will always appear when you create a new ad
  23. check image Have Papal , PayPal Verified and Major Credit Card & images show up on all your templates payment instructions
  24. check image Add Shipping Details that will always appear when you create a new ad
  25. check image Have UPS , USPS , Priority Mail , Fed Ex , Fed Ex Ground and DHL logos show up on all your templates shipping details OR even upload your OWN SHIPPING LOGOS! (NEW)
  26. check image Add Return Policy that will always appear when you create a new ad
  27. check image Add a Feedback Section and select a feedback image that will always appear when you create a new ad - [ Screen Shot ]
  28. check image Don't like our titles or want them in a different language? Easily CHANGE ALL OF OUR TITLES: Detailed Description, Photos, From The Seller, Return Policy, Payment Instructions, and Shipping Details fields can be changed to anything you want (ex. About the Artist)!
  29. check image Do you sell on MULTIPLE eBay's (,,,, etc...)? You can duplicate all these options by creating and naming multiple profiles so you can toggle between your options for each eBay as you create new templates saving you a TON of time
  30. check image Ability to SAVE templates (varies based on account; more available for purchase) to your CG Web Solutions account for easy access... you can delete older templates at any time and you can still create more templates if you reach the just can't save them
  31. check image Gives you the rights to change the code (if needed)
  32. check image Upload additional files like PDF, Word, and Excel documents to better describe your item.  This will show up as a link within your item(s) description - View Example
  33. check image 100% MAC Compatible MAC Browser Tested: Firefox 3.5 for Mac (Get it Now) & Safari
  34. check image Compatible with all recent versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari & more...
  35. check image Our template builder is 100% integrated with our online eCatalog product (additional cost).
  36. check image Our template builder is 100% integrated with our FTP Services which now comes FREE with every template builder account!
  37. check image 100% compatible with Turbo Lister
  38. check image No HTML knowledge needed!
  39. check image Assurance of 99.9% server uptime!
  40. check image User friendly and easy to use!!!

Example Templates: [17] [18] [20] [24] [33] [100] [106]

Online Catalog Testimonials Customer Testimonials:

"From our initial contact with CG Web Solutions we were impressed with the quality of the service provided to us. Aaron responded to our inquiry and understood our requirements from the very start. He set about building our template and in a very short amount of time had us up and trading on eBay. We were impressed with his knowledge, the care taken with every detail and his understanding of our requirements. We recommend the services of CG Solutions to those requiring an eBay template. This is a no fuss one stop shop for template building. Our grateful thanks."

“This is an addendum to our testimonial a few weeks ago. When in difficulty of our own making, Aaron was quick to respond and once again, at fast speed, got us up and running smoothly with our eBay template. He created an extra feature for us which is fantastic. We can’t thank Aaron at CG Web Solutions enough for not only his creative template, but for the excellent follow up service provided by him."

malga101, Sydney, Australia.

" Since implementing your templates, My sales have risen by at least 50+ percent. I am firmly convinced this is due solely to the more professional looking layout. "

" I just wanted to share with you that things have gotten significantly better day by day. Now that I understand your capabilities, my ads "rock" and I think that your service is "Awesome". Thank you so much for all your help!

Questions? Contact Us

Image the time you will save you by only typing in your payment instructions, return policy, and shipping details once (or whatever you decide to name these), and they just always appear!

How much will it cost you? (all prices are USD)

Photos / ad Template Builder Email Support * Bandwidth DiskSpace
Annual (12 mo): 15 $25
(that's only $2.08 /mo)
$35 * 5 GB  500 MB
Annual (12 mo): 30 $42 $35 * 10 GB 1500 MB
Annual (12 mo): 60 $64 $35 * 20 GB 3000 MB
6 Months: 15 $16 $18 * 5 GB 500 MB
6 Months: 30 $25 $18 * 10 GB 1500 MB
6 Months: 60$40 $18 * 20 GB  3000 MB
1 Month: 15 $3 $5 * 5 GB 500 MB
1 Month: 30 $5 $5 * 10 GB 1500 MB
1 Month: 60 $7 $5 * 20 GB 3000 MB

* email support is optional and is in addition to the template builder cost (for 1 year w/ 1 year of support your cost would be: $60; 1 year w/ 1 month of support your cost would be: $30 ) - support available by email only...

Need more Photos or Saved Templates?  No Problem... Contact Us for a quote!

Example Custom Template

Don't see the template/design that fits what you're trying to get across? We do Custom HTML Template Designs for as low as $75 per template (discounts available for multiple templates) that work into the Template Builder for either just you or all Premium Members to use and will require absolutely no HTML knowledge from you. Simply select the option when you Sign Up and we will contact you once payment is received and confirmed or you can click here for more information.

I believe all of my custom templates are "Awesome" and will make my ads really classy.

* Custom Templates creation times vary based on the complexity of the template...please allow up to two business days for design completion

How do you pay?

Submit your information by clicking sign up below, fill out the form information and then click the "Pay Now" button on the last page. Payment is accepted with a credit card via PayPal (no PayPal account required), PayPal account transfer!

Already submitted information or already have an account with us, but need to pay? Click here to Pay Now
Looking for Free months? For every friend you refer for the Annual plan, you get 1 month FREE!  

Once payment is received and confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to the eBay services login area!



I just wanted to share with you that things have gotten significantly better day by day.  Now that I understand your capabilities, my ads "rock" and I think that your service is "Awesome". Thank you so much for all your help!

Your efficient, friendly service has been a breath of fresh air! Our eBay sales have increased significantly since using your templates. Our site is now uniformed and attractive, and it was achieved in 3 simple steps. Thank-you and Well Done!!
Magneticworld AUS

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