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Welcome to, brought to you by CG Web Solutions.

This is the most affordable and ONLY Online Catalog Builder Software you will ever need! 


Our e-catalog:

  1. requires NO HTML knowledge
  2. requires NO additional hosting account to get it online
  3. has NO Software to install to slow down down computer
  4. has NO FEES from CG Web Solutions
  5. You can customize virtually every background color, text color, links and menu links color you want on your catalog with our NEW 'Customize' feature. View Screen Shot
  6. has a shopping cart Shopping Cart Image and pay online feature (integrated with PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout (catalog fees apply) and PayPal Pro (catalog fees apply)
  7. you DON'T even need a Web Site address (although one may come w/ your catalog account) to get it online
  8. and we will refund your money if you're not happy with the product (minus a $5 labor fee)

It's super easy to use and is VERY professional looking...Contact Us today to get access to our demo account

Because of our e-catalogs customizability, you can get just about anything you have online in a VERY professional manner and can choose the design you like and change/see virtually everything. Here are some of the top questions we get about our catalog software. Please Contact Us if you have an further questions.

small arrow pointing downwards; .gifHow can I get my menu online?
small arrow pointing downwards; .gifHow can I get my Inventory Items online?
small arrow pointing downwards; .gifHow can I get my Paintings/Art work online?
small arrow pointing downwards; .gifWhat our customers say about the software?
small arrow pointing downwards; .gifWhat do I get with this Software?
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How can I get my Inventory Items online?  

Get your inventory  items ONLINE for your customers today with this software. Our software is 100% customizable and is 100% controlled  by YOU. You can login and change whatever you need whenever you need to from any computer with an internet connection. Click the links below to see the catalog in action.

View Example Catalog (with shopping cart)

How can I get my Paintings (or art work) online?  

Get your art work ONLINE for your customers today with this great product! You can easily make an attractive online catalog for your paintings and customize it to your liking. The software is as simple as filling out an internet form.

View Example Artist Catalog

How can I get my Restaurants Menu online?  

This online menu software can get your restaurants menu online for a VERY reasonable price. The catalog/menu software is completely customizable and you can update it anytime.   By ordering your online catalog software from us, you can get your own subdirectory URL of  Making it easy for customers and you to remember how to get back to your catalog.

Our menu software is easy to use and you can login from anywhere, anytime from any computer that is connected to the internet to update your prices, images, items, and more.  You can add Specials, Happy Hour Info, or anything simply by typing into a text box.  No longer will your employees need to FAX a menu to a customer because your menu will be online. 

View Example Menu

What do you get with our online catalog/menu software?  

  1. Over 50 online catalog designs to choose from (soon all of our template designs will be available for the View All to see them all) or you can choose our default design and we can customize the colors for you!

  2. User friendly, easy to use Web-Based interface that can be updated from any computer with internet access!!!
  3. Get your entire inventory of items ONLINE in a professional manner!
  4. Your customers can easily click through your photos with our Advanced Image Viewer - View Example
  5. Your customers can easily print your catalog online w/ a printer friendly version (NEW)
  6. Professional catalog templates to choose from (we can turn any of our template builder designs into a catalog design)
  7. FONT TOOLS!! (compatible w/ recent versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, & Safari )
  8. Upload your companies logo onto the catalog
  9. We can customize the catalog to have your companies colors
  10. Advertising Space:
    • You can sell ad space to local (or international) companies on your catalog. This will help supplement the cost or even make your catalog free. 
    • Currently we change you and $50 per ad per month for the first two ads, $30 per ad per month for ads 3-4 and $15 per month per ad for ads 5+; sell the ad space for whatever you can get for it
    • View reports View Screen Shot
  11. My Customers Area:
    • Create wholesale users (this gives only these users access to special trade and wholesale prices)
  12. Customers have the ability to purchase their cart of items directly from your online catalog using PayPal! PayPal Standard (no fees): (NEW) PayPal Express Checkout (2.5% catalog fee): and PayPal Pro (credit card payments directly on the catalog; PayPal Pro account required plus 4% catalog fee) - onine ordering for restaurants pay additional monthly and catalog fees for use of online ordering software and reports. Contact us for a quote.
  13. Newsletter Area:
    • people browsing your catalog can signup for a newsletter that you can send from the admin panel
    • Use HTML in your newsletter emails
  14. Catalog Stats - view your catalogs top viewed products/items and even export the data to a CSV file - Screen Shot (NEW)

  15. [+] read more  
  16. Have an Email Icon , Phone # Icon with a number and even an Icon that opens up to Google Maps (US Addresses only at this time) show up on every template you create (BETA)
  17. Promote your items to make them show up first in your Catalog!
  18. Upload images for each of your items
  19. Change our titles/headings (Department, Category, & Sub Category '>>') to ANYTHING you want or a different language (i.e. Change 'Department' to Menu Section, Category, Product Search text in the search box, Photo, Information, View fields and more)
  20. Create custom departments/categories, sub categories, and more sub categories
  21. Sort your main departments/category
  22. Almost all of our headers and titles can be customized via your catalog options which allow you to create a catalog in a different language!
  23. Write your own introduction to each category, sub category, and every page in the catalog
  24. Pick from several different catalog looks (similar to the template builder)
  25. Add payment instructions that will always appear when you create a new ad
  26. Have Papal, PayPal Verified and Major Credit Card images show up on all your templates payment instructions
  27. Add shipping details that will always appear when you create a new ad
  28. Add return policy that will always appear when you create a new ad
  29. You get a Shopping Cart (add to cart) Shopping Cart Image (NEW)
  30. Customers have the ability to purchase their cart of items directly from your online catalog using PayPal! (NO ADDITIONAL FEES from CG Web Solutions)
  31. Enter a "How to Buy" section where you can add an email, phone number or whatever
  32. Customers can search for your items
  33. Upload additional files like PDF, Word, and Excel documents to better describe your item.  This will show up as a link within your item(s) description (NEW) - View Example
  34. Compatible with all recent versions of IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari & more...
  35. Everyone gets a  free sub domain of our new domain (
  36. Create you catalog and export any item into HTML code with our Auction Template Builder to sell on your favorite auction site (additional cost).
  37. Our online catalog is 100% integrated with our FTP Services which now comes FREE with every catalog account!
  38. If you have a template builder account (additional cost) you have the ability to add link to your catalog is included on EVERY template you create with just one click!
  39. Assurance of 99.9% Server Uptime
  40. Our online catalog software is 100% integrated with our template builder product (additional cost). You can create a catalog item and then generate HTML code to put that item on your favorite auction site! 

View Example Catalog
View Example Menu

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Online Catalog Cost Online Catalog Software Cost Breakdown:

# Items Cost /month Cost /year Email Support *
50 $12 /mo $120 /yr ($10 /mo) $5 /mo OR $35 /yr
100 $15 /mo $144 /yr ($12 /mo) $5 /mo OR $35 /yr
250 $20 /mo $192 /yr ($16 /mo) $5 /mo OR $35 /yr
500 $25 /mo $244 /yr ($20 /mo) $5 /mo OR $35 /yr
1000 $30 /mo $300 /yr ($25 /mo) $5 /mo OR $35 /yr

Need more items? No Problem... Contact Us for a quote!

* email support is recommended, but optional - support available by email only...

we do offer refunds but you will be charged a $15 labor fee. If you paid less than $15 than there are no refunds. Thank you.

Online Catalog Setup Online Catalog Software Setup (Optional):

CG Web Solutions offers service to setup your online catalog software for you.

If you need us to link your catalog on your Web Site, an additional $100 setup fee is required

Online Catalog Sign Up How can you sign up and pay?

Submit your information by clicking sign up button below, fill out the form information and then click the "Pay Now" button on the last page. Payment via PayPal, Google Checkout or check/money order!

 Once payment is received and confirmed you account will be setup and you will receive an email with a link to the login area!


Online Catalog Testimonials Customer Testimonials:

" CG Web Solutions online catalog software is so easy to use, and there virtually isn't anything I can't do or see!! I LOVE IT!!! "

" The catalog is extremely enjoyable to work with and very easy to personalize. CG Web Solutions Online Catalog Software gives us the ability to use unlimited font tools, choose templates designs, add our own custom business logo, as well as the ability to add multiple images and additional files etc. There is really nothing you can't do. We have had so many positive responses from our customers saying just how easy the catalog is to navigate through, and the built in search feature for fast find access has been a big hit too. "

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I love the services provided to me by CG Web Solutions. I have wanted to create a web page and online catalog for my business for some time now but was always scared to take that first step until someone suggested CG Web Solutions to me. I was so impressed and shocked at how easy their online catalog service is.  I'm also very pleased with how willing they are to make sure I was satisfied with their services. I would recommend them to anyone.


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