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PRV - Pressure Relief Valve

Detailed Description 

PRV110 Pressure Relief Valve is the first quick connect valve on the market designed to help protect devices such as water filters, ice machines, fridges, coffee machine against pressure increase by water hammer and thermal expansion.

"Without a doubt the most intelligent and beneficial device to revolutionize the world of filtration."
We all know the importance of Pressure Limiting Valves in preventing equipment failure due to pressure spikes. By law, they need to be Australian Standard Approved and be installed on all municiple water supplies. However, Pressure Limiting Valves (PLV's) are just that. They limit the amount of pressure going to the system and aparatus inline, and after the PLV. What can, and does frequently happen, is Thermal Expansion.

Thermal Expansion is a problem that occurs after the PLV. Once water passes through the PLV it has a non return valve, which prevents expansion pushing back through the PLV. So where Thermal Expansion (due to heated, or in fact cooler enviroments, such as coolers, refridgerators, or where a water line after the PLV may be exposed to sunlight), expansion will occur building pressure in the system between the PLV and the appliance.

These pressures can be extraordinary, to the point where they can burst tubing or simply destroy fittings which obviously results in water damage/flooding, which must be avoided. The role of the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is not to replace the PLV, but to release pressure that may occur AFTER the PLV and before the appliance.

The PRV is extremely easy to install and comes in a kit form to suit all 1/4" filtration tubing. To install, simply select a location after the PLV, and cut the tubing with a sharp knife. Snap in a Quick Connector Tee with the PRV and extend the tubing from PRV to the drain clamp provided, or any other suitable location to drain. The only time the PRV will activate is in a situation caused by Thermal Expansion, where the PRV will release when the pressure build up reaches 110 PSI. It will continue to release until the pressure returns to under 110 PSI.

All acredited tubing and fittings used on coolers/heaters and filtration are tested well beyond 110 PSI. Therefore, by releasing at 110 PSI, the PRV gives the ulimate protection against malfunction.

• Offices
• Homes
• Caravans

Manufacturers Specifications:
Inlet: ¼"
OD Stem Diameter: 22.0 mm
Outlet: ¼"
Quick Connect Maximum Temp: 60ºC
Length: 88.6 mm
Minimum Temp: 1ºC

Patents for and in respect of the PRV110 have been applied for and are pending in Australia and other countries.

Installation and Operating Instructions:
A licensed plumber must carry out installation in accordance with local by-laws/Plumbing Codes. Ensure that the direction of the arrow marked on the product is in the direction of water flow. Fit downstream from a line strainer and an approved pressure-limiting valve. PRV110 must be installed with a physical air gap device such as Airgap faucet/Tun dish prior to discharge to drain line as in accordance with local Plumbing Codes.

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